Here are some very short HOW TO videos. If you are reluctant to read manuals, they can help you quickly grasp the available voice commands.

Just released for MSFS 2020(Please be patient while many videos are loaded)

















Note that we could have done the following....

Take the fastest PC around

Use the most expensive headset

Add background music to distract a bit

Take multiple shots

Edit out all the stuff that didn't go well

.......... Ending up with the sort of promotional videos designed to sell a dream.

We take a different approach here. The product is in your hands, available as a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, and the videos will just help you get familiar with voice commands. They are not designed to impress.

There will be misheard commands, repeats, mistakes, basically the sort of things you will be going through using the real product. In fact your own experience will very likely exceed the expectations on the videos.